Dreams of God – part 1

I woke up this morning to the most awesome text message. I opened up my message to read this: The body of Messiah needs the result of the dreams God has placed on your heart. I tell you what, I went from groggy to wide awake in no time flat. I called my friend who had sent it, and she was listening to a sermon while getting ready for work, heard that phrase and thought to send it to me. It is something I’ve been hearing for the last year or so, and it finally solidified in my heart. God gives us dreams, passions in our hearts. What are you doing with it? I’m learning that it doesn’t matter whether it makes sense to you or not, if God has put it in your heart, you will never really come alive until you are doing something about it. What is sensible to you may not be in God’s plans (I Cor. 1:27). Sometimes, fear of the unknown, fear of ridicule, fear of rejection and/or failure keeps us from pursuing that which God has given us. Is it worth it? Basking in the safety of fear, as opposed to the high adventure of your passion and destiny? Just a question. For some, yes, but I have my doubts…

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