3 letters

I’ve been thinking about the names of God recently, and I thought about the one I love the most, the one that totally overcomes and overwhelms me: He is the I AM. It amazes me so much because it’s so… encompassing. I love Yeshua as my Lover, but He is more than that to me. I love Him as my Comforter and Provider, but He is more than that. He is my Shield, my Bridegroom, my Friend, my Guide, but so much more. The Bright and Morning Star, the Root of Jesse, the Holy One, the Alpha and Omega, Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords – He is all that, but oh, so much more!

I tend to be drawn to songs that emphasize the complete “AM”-ness of God, that begin to try to name His awesome characteristics, but come back to the fact that He is everything, or even that He just… is. I am brought to the fact that in Exodus 3, when Moses was asking God for His introductory profile to present to the Israelites, God said in vs. 14, “I AM WHO I AM… thus you shall say to the children of Israel, I AM has sent me to you.” He IS. It’s so plain and simple, it blows my mind with its greatness.The name “I AM” is related to the verb “to be”, which inherently implies the absolute existence of God. Wow.

What actually got me reflecting on all this was the passage in John 8 when the Jews were disputing with Jesus, and He mentions that if people kept His word that they will never see death. That led to talk of Abraham, and finally to question how Jesus had seen Abraham since He wasn’t even an old man. His response? “…before Abraham was, I AM.” I sit in amazement still. That sentence displays the timelessness, the ever present-ness of Him. He transcends time – before Abraham was born, He was, He IS right now, He will always BE. I am undone. Two words, three letters, and it cries out the complete essence of God. I AM.


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