Manifesting His Glory

I keep coming back to this quote, and it really has been a lesson to myself in the last few weeks. I was talking to a friend when these words came out of my mouth, “God has gifted me with [these] gifts and talents and made me a steward over them. I have a responsibility to steward them well and manifest His glory.”

It was a conversation about knowing my worth, and not in an arrogant sense. You know when you are cognizant of the value of something, you treat it as something precious and valuable, and you don’t want to take it for granted? In fact, when you see others doing so, something rises up within you in defense of that object or person. But how often do we turn that examination towards ourselves?

In the previous post, I talked about our own light shining, and for me, I’m coming to understand that we – I – need to value the light that God has put within me. I’m reminded of a certain story somewhere in the scriptures (Matthew 25:14-30), about the responsibility of taking the value He has given us, investing, and making a return. He gave them talents (money). He gives us talents (money, actual talent, wisdom, abilities, capabilities, etc.). Because it is in us, do we bury it so that we don’t take away from the Father? Do we spend it without regard or discretion on things that don’t give a return? Do we hoard it for a time when it may really be used, never knowing when that time may come? Are we afraid to lose what He has given us, only to hide it and really lose the value of what was given?

I was in the midst of writing this post when I came across a video of this incredible spoken word that seemed to underline the quote that I’m talking about. It’s pretty awesome, so you should watch it. No, really.

Pretty intense, yes? But then, I came upon the back story and was completely blown away. Here it is, and it’s a bit long, but it is worth every minute of it.

If you go to about 15 minutes, this is what stuck out to me: when the woman said, “God said to me, ‘My Glory is bigger than the arena’… This was for God’s glory, not ours.” What was that quote, something about being made to manifest the Glory of God?

I don’t have these answers, but I sure am reflecting on it. I want to manifest His Glory, because that is who He is, and He’s the one who made me. I’m just a small part of it, but I am a part, and I refuse to hide it any longer. I am slowly, but surely, beginning to know that I am brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous, because that is who He made me to be.


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