Hello, and welcome to my adventurous journey! This is a look into my natural and simplified journey. I’m living a gluten-free lifestyle, and cutting out a lot of processed stuff, and noticing a big difference. I also went completely natural on my hair, so that will probably come up sometimes. I’ve also ventured into making some of my personal care products! Most recipes I’ve taken from someplace and modified – where I’ve done that, I’ll post the links. I’ve been told time and time again to share my story, share my recipes, and I’m finally getting myself together enough to do so. Thanks for joining me!



I like to experiment while I cook. That turns out great for the most part, but sometimes it frustrates people, because I say “I put some of this and some of that”, and when they ask me how much, I give the blank stare. For some reason, “till it tastes good” really doesn’t go over real well with many folks.

All that to say, I will do my best to put measurements, including timing, but there will be times when “till it’s right” will show up. Consider yourself warned 🙂


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