Hair Oil

So this is a recipe I got from a video blogger Naptural85. She has a bunch of homemade DIY recipes, so you should check her out!

I love this oil! I only made half a recipe, but my SIL has four girls, so when I make it for her, I’ll double it up. I also add some Essential Oils to help with hair growth. It is truly awesome!

Hair Oilhair oil

2.5 oz olive oil
2.5 oz jojoba oil
1 oz castor oil
1 oz sweet almond oil
1 oz avocado oil
0.5 oz vitamin E oil
3-5 drops rosemary essential oil*


Pour all ingredients in an applicator bottle (these can be found super cheap at any beauty store). Shake and use – pretty simple. Apply directly to the scalp or squeeze some in your palm and apply to the hair. You can also use this as a body oil.

*The essential oil is optional, but encouraged!