Essential Oils

Essential Oils are a huge part of my recipes for personal care and home. I’ve always wanted to try to use them, but didn’t get around to it until the fall of 2013.

I have chronic back problems, but I manage it with (semi)regular exercise. Unfortunately, that October, I was travelling a bunch and I was twisting my back and sitting for long periods of time, and after a while, my sciatic nerve decided it had had enough and took my body hostage. My lower back was on fire, my hip muscles were pounding, and the muscle that runs from my hip to the arch of my foot tingled and eventually lost feeling. I could only get an hour to an hour and a half of sleep at a time before the pain in my hip woke me up, and about the only thing that helped was to pace my apartment for about 30 minutes or more. Needless to say, I was getting rather sleep deprived and dependent on Tylenol (I’m allergic to aspirin and Ibuprofen).

I told myself that I’d worry about my kidneys when I could get more than four hours of sleep in a night… Enter in my wonderful friend, Kim, who told me about therapeutic grade essential oils (After some research, I decided on Young Living 100% pure oils). Since I was looking into it anyway, I ordered a Premium Starter kit, which came with 11 oils, a home diffuser and samples. Valor, Pan Away, and Peppermint pretty much saved my life. After the second application, and the relief of pain, I went through my medicine cabinet and threw away all my pain meds. Seriously.

So, ever since then, I’ve been reading up and experimenting with different oils, and totally loving it! I know many people who use them, all different brands. So, you will see a bunch of my recipes with optional oil add ins – most of them will work without them, but the oils will being it to a whole new level.

You’ll find a list of oils that I use in the sub-menu under Essential Oils. If you want to ask me more about them, or where I get mine from, feel free to contact me!


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