Pain Cream

This combo is what got me started on essential oils when I hurt my back. I added the oils to lotion, and realized I had a winner for me!! I use my coconut cloud cream as my base, but really, any unscented lotion will work in a pinch.


4-6 oz unscented cream/lotion (you can use the coconut cloud cream without the other oils)

6-8 drops Valor essential oil

6-8 drops Panaway essential oil

6-8 drops peppermint essential oil

Mix together and store in a glass jar. Apply directly to affected areas as needed.


20150418_233836* My mum has arthritis, so I added 6-8 drops of lemongrass to the above mixture and had her try it. She now has me making it for her, her cousin, her sister, etc. I’m glad it helps!