Gather Not a Few

I was remembering a concept I read in a book, of something that happened in the Bible. In 2 Kings, chapter 4 or there abouts, is the story of the widow of a prophet, and Elisha going to her house during a famine asking for food. She responds that she has only this bit of oil and flour for her and her son. Elisha tells her to gather jars, borrow jars from her neighbors, Gather not a few. The widow, not knowing what he is about, gathers all the jars and does as Elisha says and pours her little oil into the jars. She has enough to fill them all, some of which she can keep, some she can sell.

Now, the widow, not really knowing Elisha or what was going on, gathered as many jars she could find, expecting he would do something. Why do I, who knows how big, generous, loving, etc, my God is, only put out my faith for a little blessing, or “just enough”, thinking that I can just get by?

Gather not a few, He says. Let His provision and blessing blow me out of the water. Come expectant and expecting, knowing He can and will and loves to fill up our jars.