Jerusalem Day 2, and Shabbat

So, our second day in Jerusalem started out with a wonderful surprise: Yehudah Glick, an active proponent of getting all people to be able to pray on the Temple Mount, as well as a member of the Knesset, can to speak to and with us. It was humbling and encouraging; as a peaceful demonstrator of peace, he was shot point blank in the chest 4 times. It was a miracle that he survived, and as he recovered, the refrain we heard over and over again was apparent – they tear down, we rebuild. He continued to spread the message of echad, oneness, and out of very great odds, was appointed to a place on the Knesset, the religious ruling body. The stories and experiences I get to share with you are absolutely incredible! Check out the full video on the Joined to HaShem site. After that, we went back to the Old City and wandered through the Kotel Tunnels. The tunnels were built by the Romans after they destroyed the temple to build a city over the valley that was next to the wall. So as we were walking the tunnels, city life was happening above us. There were very awesome and just… awe inspiring moments. We came to the end of a finished road, and one of our guides explained exactly where we were. Now, we can say Yeshua could have walked here, or there, but at this point, there was no doubt – to go to and from the city, everyone passed this place. Just sit and reflect on that. We were let loose in the Old City once again to roam around, eat lunch, and do retail therapy. We came back to the hotel early because we had to prepare for shabbat; lunch wasn’t served the next day, and we had to do the mad rush to the grocery store, as most people do before everything closes about 3 pm. We had Erev Shabbat (shabbat evening) dinner, and I went to bed with a cold. And it was evening and it was day, the 4th day.

Shabbat began with Torah reading and exposition from Genesis 6-11. Do you know how special it was to study scriptures together in the land? We read and talked and shared for about two hours, broke for lunch and ate at the benches outside enjoying the weather. We then gathered together once again and shared what was our highlight to that point. Many special stories, and I shared about Shiloh. It was a great enjoyable time to draw closer to one another. We had dinner once again, then went wandering down Ben Yehudah street, peeking into stores and enjoying the end of Shabbat. It was a wonderful way to spend the day. And there was evening, and there was day, and the 5th day. 🙂