A world that cannot be shaken

This is thoughts from one of my devotionals from class…

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee” (Isaiah 26:3)

I was talking to a customer today, and he was discouraged and feeling despair- I could almost physically feel the hopelessness washing out from him. He was caught up in the financial instability, and even though he was glad that Obama was elected, this man didn’t see how things could be fixed. He said it was a scary time and scary place. I told him it could be, if I was focused on this place, but I know of a world that cannot be shaken, so what’s happening now doesn’t really frighten me. We had an interesting discussion – he was intrigued, but I don’t believed he was convinced – but that scripture made me think of that conversation. Even when the world around us has crumbled, God will keep us in perfect peace if we train our mind on Him and trust Him.

I honestly didn’t think about that before, but I realize that now. God is bigger than any situation I can come up against, so what’s the sense in losing my peace? If I can keep my mind focused on Him, I can ride the waves of a rocky economy or a trying school day with grace and the authority of the love of God. It’s surreal, but so true. God gives me peace in the middle of a storm, a peace that passes all rational understanding.

He is so amazing.

Going Through the Valley

I have a poem I wrote during 40 days of fasting and praying. I like poetry and prose, it’s what I do, and it sometimes expresses things better than a whole bunch of words. One unique thing about this one is that it was a journey. I began it at the beginning of the 40 days, and finished it at the end. It still calls stuff out of my heart…

Through the Valley

Psalms 139, 23

Storms rage, the winds roar
The foundation shakes but stands whole
I hang on to that, my rock, my faith
The world tremors and crumbles
And I hold fast.
Then a whirlwind comes
Everything – Everything disappears
And my heart is plunged into blackness.
There have been many trials
Many obstacles, many attacks
Hurts have cut deep
as to leave me breathless,
And, I’ve found my way home.
And yet,
I stand here trembling.

It has never been so dark.


There are no words
Nothing that even begins to flesh out
My desperation,
My need,
My heart’s cry.
The Valley of the Shadow of Death has found me
And I can’t even find the light that makes the shadow.
One step.
Making my way through the valley,
Convinced of my Elohim and who He is
But feeling so alone,
So overwhelmed by the darkness.
A whisper of breath,
An ethereal caress,
And assurance settles deep in my heart.
“Yeshua can find you in the darkness.”
A hand holds mine
And walks along side of me,
Guiding me through the darkness,
No longer overwhelming or frightening,
But surrounding us in intimacy.


His presence turns my upside down world
Into absolute peace.
The storms, the winds, the darkness-
Nothing matters.
He fills me and restores my soul.
It takes flight and I proclaim:
He is Everything!
My Everything!