Pictures from Day 4: Rav Glick and the Kotel Tunnels

Hey all, sorry for the delay in updating pictures – I really am trying to get on a schedule! So here are some pictures from Day 2 in Jerusalem – check out the post

You’ll see Rav (Rabbi) Glick, a member of the Knesset and a survivor of an assassination attempt. You’ll also see bits and pieces of our tour through the Kotel Tunnels, the area beneath the city where life happened before the Romans built it up.

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And here’s a small clip of one of our tour guides, Hanoch, as he shares with us a time and place long past. He’s not too passionate, is he?

Pictures from day 3: the Old City

Another day of photos! We spent the day in the Old City, going to the Temple Mount, visiting the Western Wall, meeting with shop owners, and enjoying the city in general. Click here to review my post of our experiences there.

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As we were waiting in line to go to the Temple Mount, we got to see a Bar Mitzvah procession…

And what tourist place would be complete without amazing street performers?

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