Israel last days

The last of the summaries – further posts will be more in-depth processing. But you should really check out this testimony video; it’s just a few stories of what the Connect to Israel tour meant to us. Totally worth watching the whole thing, but if you want to skip ahead, I’m at 37:30 (ish), and there is a really good analogy used at 41 minutes, there abouts.

So I began the next adventure by taking the light rail (with all my luggage) to the central bus station, to catch the bus to Furadis Junction, near Caesarea on the way to Haifa. I am soooo glad that everyone I met spoke enough English to get me where I needed to be!! My friends Ephraim and Rimona picked me up at the tiny little stop, took me for lunch, and settled me in. Near sunset, Ephraim took me to the next community over, Binyamina,  on a hilltop to watch the supermoon come up. It was quite cloudy, so the sunset was absolutely spectacular, but we only got to see about 5 minutes of the moon before the clouds hid it. It was a bummer that we both forgot our cameras!

The next day was a visit to Zichron Ya’acov to the first Aliyah museum. It was very interesting, tracking a family from Poland, I think, before the war, and their hardships and trials. We took a brief stroll through the town, where the main street was pretty much the way it was then. Walking and touching history is amazing. We made our way to Jerusalem, where I joined my host in several meetings, then returned late and conked out.

We spent a leisurely morning eating breakfast on their back patio. I could easily stay there a long time; there was so much peace, and I felt so restored there, it was absolutely amazing. They then took me to Mt. Carmel, one of my (many) favorite stories – Elijah and the Ba’al prophet showdown. There is a small little church there, and we went up on the roof, and you could see much of the country from there. I have an amazing picture of the Jezreel valley (I’m working on pictures, I should have them up in a couple of days). We worked our way around to Haifa, where we visited with Ephraim and Rimona’s daughter and had lunch. There we saw the Baha’i Gardens. Even though it wasn’t in full bloom, it still was rather breathtaking. Home we came, and then I began my chore of packing up.

As I said, more thoughts will come; right now as I am back in the States and recovering from jet lag, it seems all so surreal. It was a  wonderful time, and awe-inspiring time, and it’s one that I know has affected me deeply, and changed me in ways I can’t begin to catalog, or even recognize at the moment.

And evening came, and then it was morning. And it was all very, very good.