Bug Spray

The best bug spray I’ve used. It smells so much better than the stuff from the store, and it really works! It’s super cheap to make, also!

Bug spray






4 oz distilled water

4 oz witch hazel

15-20 drops lemongrass oil

15-20 drops peppermint oil

15-20 drops Thieves oil blend

15-20 drops Purification oil blend


Fill an 8 oz spray bottle with the ingredients and shake well before each use. Easy-peasy!




Another staple in my oils – Purification can help to cleanse and sooth insect bites, cuts, and other scrapes. You can diffuse it by itself or with thieves to cleanse and disinfect the air from impurities like smoke and other odors. This is made up of lemon, rosemary, tea tree (Melaleuca) and lavender.


Another one of my staple oils. The name comes from four thieves in Europe during the Black Plague who would cover themselves in cloves, rosemary, and other herbs and aromatics while robbing plague victims. It’s a great disinfectant, cleanser, supporting the immune system, and more! It’s a blend of cloves, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary.