Conversations with the kiddos – so it begins

So, I have genius nieces and nephews that constantly make me and their parents laugh and shake our heads in turn. I began posting these on Facebook, but I decided to revive them on my Fun Friday Posts. You will get a chuckle of the conversations with – or about – the kiddos!

Cheryl: Why don’t you guys go do something productive?

Me: Seriously, aren’t they playing?

Cheryl: Well, they think they’re productive, but they’re acting like animals.

Me: Well, kids –

Cheryl: They’re crawling around and prancing and pouncing like they’re lions and stuff

Me: …

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When a picture means more than you intended…

So, I was at the grocery store the other day, and I had a very small list of things to pick up, all unrelated. And then I saw a sale and picked up one extra thing. I’m in my own little world, and I put my items on the belt. The husband of the couple in front of me glances at the items, does a double take, then smiles real nervously at me and looks away. I blankly look at my items, then start chuckling. The stories that could be told from a few items! Go ahead, caption this (the white box are straws) …